Assalamualaikum and Welcome to Little Nerds.

Little Nerds is a small online business shop that is established to solely provides educational means in teaching our little ones.

As parents ourselves, we believe that nurturing young minds is important if not essential in their life development. Why not we instill the habit of reading and learning to our kids at a very early age for them to always think that learning is fun. 

Thus, with the realization of parents nowadays are getting wiser in the quest of raising good kids not only physically, emotionally but also spiritually, Little Nerds is establish.

We want our kids to be young, nerdy and proud of being so! =)
We will try our best to offer demanded items from the general consumers at a very affordable prices.

If there is anything more you need to know or ask or even just to chat, feel free to contact us at littlenerds.my@gmail.com

Have a nice one everybody!

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