♡ Baby Khalifah Learning Series ♡

Baby Khalifah Learning Series

Salam Loves ♡

We are quite sure that many mommies and daddies had heard and seen this set of Baby Khalifah toon on TV. In this set of Baby Khalifah Learning Series, we offer 6 interactive VCDs for your kids. These CDs can be opened on your laptop/ PC where your kids can learn in a more interactive ways on matters regarding Islam. 

The minimum requirements as to play these VCDs are as follow:

If you have the right appliances, you could use this VCDs while connecting our laptop to the TV screen using HDMI cable and the application could be controlled using wireless mouse. =)

There are 6 modules in these learning set.

1. MyFirst Arabic - learning on colors, shapes, numbers and days
2. MyFirst Solat - learning on  wudhuk, azan, solat, qiblat and etc.
3. MyFirst Iqra - learning on letter Hijaiyah
4. MyFirst Kalimah - learning to recite Allahuakbar, Alhamdulillah, Subhanallah, Bismillah and etc.
5. MyFirst Adab - learning about honesty, being truthful, being patient and etc.
6. MyFirst Family - learning about family trees, responsibilities and ways to act around family members.

This set will teach your kids the basic of Islamic principles and at the same time building your kids English vocabulary. Realize how we let the kids watch toons like Barney, Mickey Mouse, Bubble Guppies and so on to let them master their English? What better way to focus on the Islamic values than letting them watch and play with these VCDs. Insyaallah, let us pray that our kids will turn out to be great Muslim & Muslimah.

Example of the interactive CDs

 Inside the books

 Flash Card Set

 Stationary, Bookmark & Car Sticker

Some insight of the VCDs

Or you can check out this demo to get the feel of the real deal ;)

So, grab this offer now as it will surely proven beneficial for your kids. Thanks a bunch for shopping with us.

Price: RM90
Postage: RM8.50(Pen. Malaysia)

RM14.40 (Sabah)

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